Soul Purpose Adventures

Common Fears of Adventure Travellers

Fear #1—What if I’m not fit enough and hold everyone up?

Fact– All the participants have the very same fear and they are hoping someone else will be slower than them. (and it probably won’t be you, since I always stay at the end of the line)  But really, these trips are not about going fast, why do you think I started “Women’s Only” trips?  The estrogen level keeps the competition down and the enjoyment high.

Fear #2– What if I don’t like the other participants?

Fact– This could happen, but you are the only one in control of your attitude towards others.  How about just not worrying about it and expect to like everyone. 

Fear #3– What if I die!? 

Fact– I remember thinking the same thing before I went on my first ‘third world’ trip.  Believe it or not, it’s a common fear. I just remind myself that a lot of people travel and don’t die.
Just think: C-O-U-R-A-G-E. 

Fear #4– How about my coffee addiction?

Fact– A valid fear if I ever heard one.  I always carry a stash of my own highly caffeinated coffee, a mug, and cone filter.

Fear #5—I will definitely get eaten by a bear, wolf or cougar!

Fact– This thought always surfaces on the night before a backcountry trip. You wake up in a sweat with this fear.  Traveling in a group larger than 4 is considered one of the best ways to avoid wild animal encounters, especially with noisy women.  Unfortunately you might miss viewing a goat or moose.

Fear #6– I will be so broke after I spend money on a holiday that I will starve to death, lose my house and car and walk around in rags.

Fact– I suppose it depends how much you spend but buying an experience can be more rewarding and lasting than anything else.